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Our Mission

At Cinder Creek Construction, we strive to build homes that we would be proud to call our own. 

Our goal is to satisfy clients in a means that has them returning again with friends and family that want to share in the Cinder Creek experience. We will provide uncompromised quality and timely construction within designated budgets. 

Our Story

Cinder Creek Construction is built on the foundation of over four decades of construction experience, and prides itself on being one of the premier custom luxury home builders.


We offer new construction, in addition to renovations, and we proudly limit the impact that building a home causes on the environment by following sustainable home-building practices and using environmentally friendly materials. In an ever-changing field such as construction, Cinder Creek prides itself on staying at the forefront of new construction technology, product development and building practices.

"We're purposely small and choose to only build a small number if projects each year." 

- Neal Crowell, President

Neal, along with his wife, Kara, fully own and operate Cinder Creek Construction as a family business and have their hands in the process of your dream home from Day 1 until moving day. This camaraderie allows Cinder Creek to fully understand the value of providing personalized service and enables them to issue a hands on relationship with each of their clients.

Together, Neal and Kara are Cinder Creek Construction and their goal consistently will remain to provide you and your family with a home that reflects our experience and expertise with uncompromising value.

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